In his ambition to help people understand themselves and others, he has undertaken to educate and guide the public by offering a variety of stimulating courses, including parenting workshops, TEACHER TRAINING workshops, special training for Rabbonim and Dayanim, and more. He also works one-on-one with children and school settings, to help them achieve their full potential.
Mr. Weinberger has met with many Rabbonim and Torah leaders, and has lectured for Rabbonim on important topics. He has earned the eternal gratitude of thousands of individuals whose lives were changed by his revolutionary approach to cognitive and behavioral issues. He has a strong rapport with Rabbonim, mental health professionals and educators, and his excellent record of success places him in a unique category of master therapists.

A Practical Guide to The Winner Formula

The Winner Formula is a unique course consisting of three parts, each addressing a specific area of our brain. This Formula is designed for everyone – men and women, teachers and laypeople, parents and teenagers. It is very easy to learn and is very simple to implement in practice. This comprehensive course helps participants understand how their brain processes information, harbors emotions and influences behavior, so they can change themselves and others.
The information presented is simple to grasp and internalize. Anyone who can learn to drive a car can just as easily master The Winner Formula. And just like driving becomes a habit that, with time, can be done with minimal effort, The Winner Formula will also become a part of who you are.
The course consists of three sessions on Inspiration, three sessions on Logic, and three sessions on Action.
In just nine fascinating and stimulating sessions, you can become a success!
Call to sign up for A COURSE @ 718 633-1755

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  1. Benny glatt
    Benny glatt says:

    Could you please mail me / call me , i would like to get some information regarding the upcoming workshops .
    Thank you ,
    Benny Glatt
    004368864813634( European Timezone ) . You can call until 16:00 American time .


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