Understanding the Brain

Your Brain & The Winner Formula

The function of our brain is divided into three parts, each controlling a specific area of our thought process and behavior. When we come to understand how the three parts of our brain interact to influence the way we think and conduct ourselves, we gain control of ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, and our abilities.

What are the three parts of our brain?

The first part is what we call “Inspiration.”This is where our dreams come from; it is the source of our strengths and talents, as well as the source of our fears and insecurities. The inspirational part of our brain is responsible for our subconscious thoughts and controls the patterns of thinking and behavior that makes up who we are.
The second part of the brain is what we call “Logic.” This is where conscious thought processes are conducted and where we draw conclusions about everything that is going on around us. Sometimes our logic may be distorted, causing us to reach the wrong conclusions. We can redirect our thoughts and teach our brain to think differently by using logical tools.
The third part of our brain is what we call “Action.” Our brain doesn’t just control our thoughts, but it controls our deeds as well. This is where our habits are formed, and where we must focus our efforts in order to effect practical change. Just like soldiers are trained to act out of habit, without emotions or logic, we can teach ourselves to create constructive habits that will enable us to do the right thing without deliberating or holding back emotionally.
In order to be successful, all three parts of the brain must WORK TOGETHER towards the same common goal. If you are inspired and your reasoning is productive, but you are not in full control of your actions, you will not be able to achieve your goals. By the same token, if you know what must be done and you are ready to do it, but you lack inspiration or are held back by feelings of insecurity, you will not accomplish much either.

What is the Winner Formula?

The Winner Formula is a special approach designed and perfected by Mr. Mordechai Weinberger LMSW, a frum social worker and therapist who has already helped thousands of people overcome their PERSONAL challenges. The Formula addresses all three parts of the brain, helping the client get to the root of the problem and overcome it. This method is unique because The Winner Formula is a comprehensive approach to life.
The Winner Formula is the secret behind all successful people. All people who achieve their dreams are using this formula subconsciously, without even realizing how they are effectively using the three parts of their brain to accomplish their goals. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, be assured that it is very simple to learn.
Learn more about The Winner Formula and how it can change your life by calling me at 718-633-1755 or sending me a message.

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