The Discovery

In the course of his extensive work with individuals Mr. Mordechai Weinberger has noticed the patterns that emerge when success is achieved. He invested thousands of hours studying case histories, and has emerged with a very deep understanding of what lies behind the successful conclusions to these situations. Building on his vast experience Mr. Mordechai Weinberger was able to perfect a unique method to help various situations, including: help families reconnect, get parents to deal effectively with troubled teens, empower business executives to create a positive company atmosphere and reach success, help teachers and parents understand their children, and enable individuals to overcome their PERSONAL roadblocks. Mr. Mordechai Weinberger discovered the true factors behind every success story and is eager to share it with the entire community.
Parents and teachers who took the course were able to understand their children and build on their successes. BUSINESS owners were able to understand how to reach their employees’ interests and help their enterprise blossom. All participants learned how to understand themselves and their abilities, and how to utilize this knowledge for personal growth.
In his ambition to help people understand themselves and others, he has undertaken to educate and guide the public by offering a variety of stimulating courses, including parenting workshops, TEACHER TRAINING workshops, special training for Rabbonim and Dayanim, and more. He also works one-on-one with children and school settings, to help them achieve their full potential.
Mr. Weinberger has met with many Rabbonim and Torah leaders, and has lectured for Rabbonim on important topics. He has earned the eternal gratitude of thousands of individuals whose lives were changed by his revolutionary approach to cognitive and behavioral issues. He has a strong rapport with Rabbonim, mental health professionals and educators, and his excellent record of success places him in a unique category of master therapists.

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