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  1. Batsheva Zaks
    Batsheva Zaks says:

    I am in therapy for six months now. My therapist feels that there are really 2 issues going on – my own anxiety and my relationship with my husband. Based on what I share with her about the way things are currently in my marriage, she says it’s time to get my husband into therapy as well. My husband has a hard time getting things done. He resists change and likes routine. Scheduling a session with a therapist is too foreign and too committal for him. However, when I pressure him to get things done, I can get my way. I know this is not ideal, but that’s my question: do I force him to start therapy or be patient and try to get him to recognize the potential benefit on his own?
    P.S. Although I’d love to just force him to take the plunge (I’m a real doer and that’s my style), I’m working on this part of myself. To that end, I call your hotline on speaker to bring awareness into our home. It seems to be helping him get used to the idea of therapy, but not as fast as I would like. Thank you for your chesed and generosity of spirit with which you benevolently share your talents, knowledge and time with the klal.


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