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Social worker Mordechai Weinberger hopes radio program will raise mental-health awareness among

Orthodox Jews

BOROUGH PARK – A social worker wants Borough Park’s Orthodox Jewish community to know that seeking therapy shouldn’t be taboo, so he is raising awareness through an online radio show.

Mordechai Weinberger hosts the weekly show “Let’s Grow Together” in which he takes calls from members of the Jewish community on the online station JRoot Radio.

“I decided, let me put on some lectures of self-esteem and source it in the … Talmud, and points like that, to start creating mental-health awareness because I find there is so much awareness that is lacking,” Weinberger says.

Weinberger also reaches people through a phone hotline he started almost two years ago. By day, he works as a clinical social worker.

Weinberger says he can’t change a person’s life by simply hearing a question and giving an answer on his radio program, but he feels every call raises awareness, allowing acceptance to take root.