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Ambition In his ambition to help people understand themselves and others, he has undertaken to educate and guide the public by offering a variety of stimulating courses, including parenting workshops, TEACHER TRAINING workshops, special training for Rabbonim and Dayanim, and more. He also works one-on-one with children and school settings, to help them achieve their […]

The Discovery

In the course of his extensive work with individuals Mr. Mordechai Weinberger has noticed the patterns that emerge when success is achieved. He invested thousands of hours studying case histories, and has emerged with a very deep understanding of what lies behind the successful conclusions to these situations. Building on his vast experience Mr. Mordechai […]

Understanding the Brain

Your Brain & The Winner Formula The function of our brain is divided into three parts, each controlling a specific area of our thought process and behavior. When we come to understand how the three parts of our brain interact to influence the way we think and conduct ourselves, we gain control of ourselves, our […]