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Mr. Mordechai Weinberger graduated Wurzweiler School for Social Work with honors, was designated to speak and graduation, and earned his NYC license in Social Work shortly thereafter. He had previously received advanced TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION in the One Brain technique, and is also certified by both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotists. Having a natural knack for understanding people and a broad grasp of emotional and cognitive issues, he expanded his scope of training and earned certifications in CBT, EFT, level 1 Graphology, and Traumatic Abuse from prominent institutions.
Mr. Weinberger devotes his life to helping people overcome their personal challenges. He is an acclaimed speaker and master therapist, having treated over 3,000 clients and helped over 3000 people through personal instruction. He has given over 45,000 therapy sessions for people of all ages, including children, adolescents, young adults and middle-aged persons. In his practice, he deals with various issues, including marriage, teens at risk, BUSINESS CONSULTING, confidence boosting, Improve learning capabilities, trauma, coping with loss, behavioral issues, depression, self esteem, panic attacks, social phobias and discover your inner talent.

  • Phone Line

    We have just reached 1.5 million calls in the 2 years that we are live. The number to hear the daily motivational quotes and daily Q & A is 718 298-2011  To hear Mordechai’s 1 minute interpretation of the Daily Quote call 718 298-2011 press section 2

  • Understanding the Brain

    The function of our brain is divided into three parts, each controlling a specific area of our thought process and behavior. When we come to understand how the three parts of our brain interact to influence the way we think and conduct ourselves, we gain control of ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, and our abilities.

  • The Discovery

    In the course of his extensive work with individuals Mr. Mordechai Weinberger has noticed the patterns that emerge when success is achieved. He invested thousands of hours studying case histories, and has emerged with a very deep understanding of what lies behind the successful conclusions to these situations.

  • Workshops

    In his ambition to help people understand themselves and others, he has undertaken to educate and guide the public by offering a variety of stimulating courses, including parenting workshops, TEACHER TRAINING workshops, special training for Rabbonim and Dayanim, and more.

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What others say about us

A Jewish Mother

I want to thank Mordechai for this weeks PROGRAM. My daughter is a huge perfectionist. she was so worried about the regents she is taking today on Friday the 14. once she heard Mordechais response to the sixteen year old teen that was also worried about the same regent. she relaxed. she realized that she was basing her self esteem and worth on a mark and not on who she is. we discussed that I will love her and her friends will love her just for who she is. Immediately she had a huge smile on her face and she was relaxed all day yesterday. She left so much calmer to this regent then she ever did so far.
Thank You

A Jewish Mother

This show is so helpful and the advice so on target. Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to tell you some obvious things about yourself. It has really helped me PERSONALLY and Mordechai’s patience and obvious expertise in dealing with all sorts of people is inspiring. Thank you for doing this show even though you are so busy!


I am stunned at this mordechai weinberger. Fantastic and brilliant. Thank you for being a program that does soso much for klal yisroel. wonderful..keep it up


last night was amazing. I cant believe how easy Mordechai dealt with the issues!!
I like that the program has a balanced mix of adults and children calling in